Since 2007, the team of iTeknic has been an experienced R&D team in the fields of smart home appliance, audio products and personal care.
In 2017, after ten years’ experience of designing products which actually make people’s daily life easier and improves people’s quality of life, iTeknic team decided to establish a brand which combines Design, Quality, Price and Service all together.
We believe everyone can enjoy an easier and better life, and we are indicated to make that happen by providing innovative, quality-guaranteed yet affordable smart home appliances, audio and personal care products for everyone.

Personal Care

We develop personal care products that bring an easier and better lifestyle to our users, which includes iTeknic water flosser for oral clean, wax warmer for hair removal and so much more new products upcoming.

Smart Home Appliances

Focused on improving users’ quality of life and making the daily life easier and smarter, we have innovated a series of smart home appliances, such as the smart weight scale which can give our users 13 essential measurements of their physical health, advanced home air purification humidifier and a growing list of smart appliances.

Audio Products

Not all the sound is the same. And we believe that high-quality earphones don't need to cost a fortune. We break audio illusions to create earphones that spark real emotions. This includes the Low battery-consumption earphones with more than 24 hrs playtime, active noise cancelling headphones and true wireless earbuds.

Others / Accessories

We are trying to make it easier and more reliable for you at every aspects of your daily life and work from computer network hubs, USB flash drivers to ergonomic computer desk, and more upcoming caring products to come soon.