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Best Budget Bluetooth Earphones with Longest Playtime in 2019

In 2019, most people are listening to music or a podcast at some point during the day, earphones have become one of our daily necessities. So, what kind of earphones do you prefer?

Some people opt for those big ear-covered Bluetooth headsets. However, the shape of the Bluetooth headset deems them not suitable for people wearing glasses, it either hurts the ears, or the beats may leak with your glasses in the way. Most importantly, the headphones can ruin your hairstyle, which is a big NO for most of us. Lastly many of us just find them too inconvenient especially when working out or exercising.

On the other hand, for the pros of convenience and affordability, Bluetooth earbuds seem to be the best choice for most of us.

We just like how light-weight and easy-to-carry they are, and the fact that the voice quality and Bluetooth call function is not any weaker than big, heavy headsets, Bluetooth earbuds gets our vote.

But there is still a lot of room for improvement with Bluetooth earbuds. Let’s take a second and have a think, what do you value most about Bluetooth earbuds?

Sports-friendly and sweat resistant? A sharp and stylish appearance to match your style better? A friendly price and good value? Or a reliable battery performance?

Well, it seems now we have found you a perfect combination of everything you would want with Bluetooth earbuds.

Anyone who has tested a pair of iTeknic BH001 Bluetooth earbuds was left impressed by their decent battery-performance, discreet and comfortable fit, as well as how suitable they are for active wear.

So, what can iTeknic BH001 Bluetooth earbuds offer to you?

1.Save you trouble from short battery-life earphones, no more music black-out

We all know how annoying it is after you get geared up for the gym, successfully managed to get up from your coach and ready for a big running session to get some cardio done, only to find out that your Bluetooth headphones are out of battery again, which means no music accompanying your workout journey.

Go running anyway? But music really does amplify workout performance and running without music does feel a bit boring.

Is there any Bluetooth earbuds that have a better battery-performance?

Well, at the beginning of 2019, there is finally a solution for longer battery-performance of Bluetooth earbuds.

By adapting the very latest low power-consumption Bluetooth chips, which is new state of the art technology, the power consumption is less than 6MA. The iteknic BH001 can hold a decent playtime of 24 hours per charge, while most other Bluetooth earbuds can only last for 6-10 Hrs, the BH001 earbuds have the longest battery-performance on the market at present.

Besides, iteknic also increase the battery capacity to 150Mah. 150Mah does not sound as big a battery capacity, but considering the battery capacity of the similar earbuds from some of the big brands is much less than 150Mah, such as Anker SoundBuds Slim Bluetooth Headphones carry only 110Mah battery capacity, and some of the big brands’ similar products carry only 90Mah batter capacity, the 150Mah is a decent battery capacity for a pair of Bluetooth earbuds.

Just think about how much trouble the BH001 would save you from, no more constantly charging your earphones all the time due to their poor power-performance. And with up to 24 hours playback per charge, listening to music during a long-haul flight would not be a problem, long-distance hiking and camping could also be accompanied by your favorite music.

2.Functioned & modern appearance, match your style in a functional way

Besides carrying up to 24 hours playback per charge, the iTeknic Bluetooth earbuds also combines style, compact design, a built-in magnetic design, which prevents earbuds from dangling. So no more annoying dangling and twisted earphones, perfect to help ensure you don’t lose them either.

BH001 comes with an ergonomic design tested against a variety of ears ensuring that everyone can have unhindered access to superior sound. iTeknic also supplies complimentary customizable accessories for ensuring adaptable comfort and durability for you.

Looking sharp while wearing earbuds comfortably, sorted.

3.Faster & Longer-distance Bluetooth 5.0, no more old-dated transmission

So let’s explain how Bluetooth 5.0 works better than Bluetooth 4.2 in an easy way:

Basically, compared to the previous generation of Bluetooth 4.2, Bluetooth 5.0 has a longer transmission distance and a faster speed.

The effective distance of Bluetooth 5.0 is 300 meters, which means that the mobile devices of your entire family or the entire office can be stably connected. So you never drop a call, lose connection, or miss a moment when you have BH001.

The fastest speed is 2Mbps, which makes Bluetooth devices with faster response and higher performance.

In addition, it also greatly enhances the data transmission of Bluetooth broadcasts, which can bring better Bluetooth calling quality, and with featured CVC6.0 noise reduction technology, the quality of Bluetooth calling is guaranteed here with BH001.

4.Gives you a perfect work-out companion, less pain, more gain

We might of just found you a perfect work-out companion.

With IPX5 rated sweatproof & water resistant, iTeknic BH001 earbuds are ideal for active use. Feeling a jog in the chilly rain? Sweat a lot during your workout? BH001 has got you covered.

The materials of BH001 earbuds are of military-grade quality and durability. BH001, to the maximum extent of resistance and extremes, is a must for any sports enthusiasts.

What’s more, the BH001 earbuds also fit securely in your ears thanks to its winged tips.

No matter how intense your work out could be, or how much you shake your head to the tune of your favorite beats, no dangers of dropping your earbuds.

5.Friendly to your wallet & Best value for its price

These are rarely impulse buys for Bluetooth earphones, since they can cost a few hundred dollars and, like anything else, we want them to last.

Now on the market, while the high-end earphones can be more than few hundred dollars, the quality does not always match the price.

The iTkenic Bluetooth earbuds sell at a very reasonable price of $29.99 while the quality is guaranteed with a very competitive playtime.

iTeknic aims to supply the users the best-valued Bluetooth earphones without compromise of the quality and durability. And for welcoming new users, they are offering a deal for a decent price of $25.99 for a limited time.

You snooze, you lose.

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